Tension Fabric Displays

Tension Fabric Displays

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Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

Tension fabric displays are trade show booths or other displays made out of lightweight stretchy fabric materials with customized designs pulled across some kind of frame. Tension fabric displays are incredible because they maintain all of the powerful design aesthetics without the bulk and weight common in other types of promotional graphics. The simple construction make them easy to set up and incredible portable. Many of these types of booths are popular among companies who have to travel via airplane to events across the country.

Display Options

Tension fabric displays are used in a variety of different trade show or promotional displays.

Straight Backdrop Tension Fabric Displays

Backdrop style tension fabric displays are a great option if you generally have a fixed amount of space you occupy at conferences or exhibit spaces. If you will most often want a 20' for a 10' display, this could be a great solution for your trade show needs. The backdrops are fairly easy to assemble and can be beautifully designed to fit your branding.

Curved Backdrop Tension Fabric Display Booth

A curved backdrop display is another great tension fabric display option. Incredible design capability combined with lightweight portability. The curve to the backdrop portion of the booth adds a nice extra touch and gives your booth a little more depth to it. The curved displays come in either 10 or 20 foot lengths.

Modular Displays

Modular Tension Fabric Displays are incredible because of the wide variety of uses. If you need one trade show booth to work in many different situations and sizes of spaces, modular displays are an incredible option for you.

Table Top Tension Fabric Displays

Some conference or exhibit halls offer table(s) for every booth space. Table top tension fabric displays can provide an easy way to have a beautiful booth while increasing affordability and portability.

Banner Stand Tension Fabric Displays

Advantages of Tension Fabric Displays

  • Ease of Set up - The basic premise of tension fabric designs consists of graphic displays printed on a lightweight fabric that is then stretched across a frame to give the display structure. The set up is just as simple as it sounds. Not extremely difficult and not extremely time consuming.
  • Beautiful Designs - We can add incredible designs for our trade show booths. Even though the booth is lightweight and portable, you don't have to compromise on the design capability.
  • Portability - Fabric displays are popular among businesses that must travel across the country via airplane to attend their various conferences and exhibitions. Many of the fabric display options pack down easily into a single carrying case.
  • Interchangability - Many of the tension fabric-based systems comprise of a printed graphic display over some kind of framework. This provides a unique opportunity to have multiple varying graphic displays that can be pulled across the frames.
Tension Fabric Displays TL Trade Show Displays TL offers a variety of high quality tension fabric-based backdrops, banner stands and trade show booths. Rating: 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews.