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Portable Trade Show Display
Pop Up Display
8' Curved Pop Up Display
10' Curved Portable Trade Show Display
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20' Curved Portable Display

Portable Trade Show Displays

When you have a product that is ready to change the world and you want to put your company’s name on the map, why would you settle for an average trade show display? TL Trade Show Displays are not only some of the most high-quality displays on the market, but our displays are highly portable, meaning that your display and your product can go anywhere in the country or across the globe. What makes our trade show displays different from the rest is our high-quality materials and the engineering that goes into each and every display we build.

Portability and Ease of Set Up

We know that when you are prepping out for a big weekend or event that the last thing you want to be doing is stressing about setting up your display or struggling to get everything up in time. Our portable trade show displays are strong, lightweight, and are built to be packed into rolling cases that together weigh up to about 75 pounds. This makes it easier to travel with your displays, saves you money on transportation, and allows you to save your energy for the events you are attending, and not on building your display. The best part? Our displays are meant to be built and taken down with no tools.

Brand Awareness and Graphics

Your products are one of a kind! Why settle for a trade show display that is generic and boring? Our high-quality fabrics and graphics can help your display look as cutting edge as your product is and perform perfectly show after show. Our print quality assures that your graphics stand out from the crowd with vibrant colors and wrinkle-free finishes. There is no need to compromise on quality when we are creating your trade show display.


One of the reasons our customers love our products so much is the fact that we look to optimize your investment. Our graphics can be printed on both sides, allowing you to have double the impact, so you can switch things up between events to keep things exciting and new for you and your target audience. Furthermore, our displays have different footprint sizes that are modular. This means when you need to you can have a 20-foot by 10-foot display for big shows but size down to a 10-foot by 10-foot display if you are short on space. Or, if you are that popular, you can use one 10x10 display at one event while someone who works for you is using the other half at a different event! The freedom and the flexibility are up to you.

Types of Portable Trade Show Displays

The majority of the displays we specialize in are portable because due to the nature of trade shows, they just need to be. We offer different types to give you more options to choose from and to give options to those of every budget size.

Pop-Up Displays

Our pop-up displays are light and easy to carry as well as easy to move around. The setup and take down are simple and can be done in minutes. These displays are the most simple of our trade shows to assemble. You can customize your display any way you would like.

Modular Displays

Our modular displays have more options than our pop-up displays. You can add back-lit designs for a more dramatic look. You can add architectural pieces to your modular display such as a canopy or hanging lights for a customized theme. This display option will help to add more dramatic flair to attract more customers.

Light Boxes

Light boxes will help set the tone of your display. If your brand has a specific mood incorporated into your displays, you will want to make sure that you convey that everywhere, including your trade show displays. Lightboxes help add dramatic effects to help set the mood with backlighting to your entire display.


This will be your most affordable option. Although 10x10 may seem small, we are able to maximize every part of your space to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Every inch will be available to you to use how you’d like, without wasting space. The best part about a portable 10x10 is that it is the easiest to put together and take down. It is also the most versatile, so you can use it in a number of locations and not just at trade shows.


These sizes are commonly used for medium-sized booths, allowing for a little more space for others to enter and interact with you. This will be a great size if you are needing counter space or space for demonstrations. These booths will also naturally have more space for storage behind the counter for you.


This sizing option is our largest sizing option. With a display of this size being portable, you cannot go wrong. You will be able to have all the space you need for one-on-one seating, demonstrations, and counter space for your products, giveaways, and whatever else you can imagine in your space.

Don’t Settle for Average on Your Portable Trade Show Displays

TL Trade Show Displays understand its customer base and understand that every company is so unique. We have the solutions to help you make your visions come to life. If there is something that you need, we will work with you to find a solution. Don’t settle for an average stock display, use TL Trade Show Displays for your custom and unique portable display to represent your brand properly and effectively.

Portable Trade Show Displays, Exhibits & Booths

Portable trade show booth displays or exhibits are a great option if you plan on exhibiting multiple events throughout the year. We have a wide variety of portable trade show display options to choose from. Unlike a custom rental or custom build booth, our portable displays also help you avoid the expensive fees that go along with exhibiting at a show. Charges such as drayage, material and handling, installing/dismantling by union labor, rigging, electrician fee. Most of our portable booths are lightweight which makes it easier to transport to the show on an airplane or lower shipping costs. Many of our portable exhibits also come with a carrying case that can be rolled onto the show floor in order to avoid that pesky “drayage fee.” Speaking of portable carrying cases, many of our products offer a case-to-counter option that easily converts your display case to a reception counter. Not only is this cost effective, but it also gives you more room in your booth space.

Questions to Consider

Making decisions regarding your trade show presence isn't always easy. There are a number of things to consider. Here are some important quesitons to help you in your decision-making process. Some of the questions are ones for you to consider and some of the questions are ones we freqently hear.

Are you looking for a modular portable trade show display?

Many of our portable trade show booths are modular so that you can reconfigure the look and feel of your display. If you exhibit several shows and your booth space is always changing, investing in a modular portable display is the perfect solution. Many of our portable displays can convert from a 10x20 to a 10x10 or go from a 10x10 to a 10x20. We also offer quite a few portable exhibits that can be used in a 20x20 island space.

Do we offer any portable display kits?

Absolutely! One of our best sellers is our line of WT Modular Kits. Our customers love them because they are extremely affordable and it offers a wide selection of accessories such as monitor mounts, shelving options, case-to-counter podiums, and more. Our WT Modular portable display kits are available in many design options. The WT Modular portable booth kits are also high quality because it’s manufactured in the USA. All our portable display graphics are also printed and hand-sewn in the same facility.

Do we offer any premium portable trade show displays?

Are you looking for a premium portable display that looks like a custom display? You’re in luck! We carry an exclusive line of premium/upscale portable trade show booths that offer that high-end look, without the burden of a custom trade show build. We already have a library of pre-designed upscale portable trade show exhibits, but you also have the option to completely customize to your exact specifications. So, what makes these products premium and upscale? First and foremost, the quality in materials is the gold standard in the portable display market. Second, the hardware extrusions for our premium portable trade show displays are made from American steel, aluminum, and lot more durable. Third, the printer used to print your trade show graphics is considered the best printer in the world and it’s all hand-sewn here in the USA.

Do we offer any backlit portable trade show exhibits?

There are tons of backlit portable displays on the market. Whether it’s coming from overseas or American made. We have tested over 100 different lightboxes and had our staff practice putting all of the backlit displays together. We did this because we wanted to find only the best backlit portable exhibits that were affordable, easy to setup, and were built to last for years, not just for one show. If you see a backlit portable display that’s cheaper than one of our selections, please keep in mind that both options might be backlit, but they aren’t the same in terms of quality. We always encourage you to reach out to our customer service team and discuss all the backlit portable trade show display options you find.

What if your budget for a portable display is limited?

We offer a large selection of budget friendly portable displays, pop up displays, banner stands, table tops, tension fabric displays, backlit displays, and even outdoor displays. Not only is our price very competitive, but we feel confident that you will find a portable exhibit solution that will fit with your marketing budget. Our goal isn’t sell you something expensive, we want to make sure you find the right booth to achieve your objectives. Our portable banner stands are perfect for any conference, corporate event, trade show, hotel ballroom, expo, and outdoor events. We have tested out hundreds of banner stands out there and we feel confident that our banner stands are not only affordable, easy to use, and durable for more than one use. We also offer vinyl and fabric graphics that you can use in your customized banner stand.

How to order a portable trade show display from us?

Simply go to the product page of your choosing and add it to your shopping cart. Most portable exhibits will give you the option to either select a single-sided graphic or double-sided graphic. We recommend going with the double-sided graphic if you have different messaging for specific trade shows, so you don’t have to have to order another set of graphics. Please don’t forget to add accessories that you will need to go along with your portable booth. We offer two types of proofing methods (email or hard proof) to ensure your graphic comes out just the way you envision it. Keep in mind that hard proofs are an extra charge, but the email proofs are FREE. We also ask that you select when what your in hand date is for your custom portable trade show display. Last but not least, please let us know if you need our award winning design team to help you with your graphics. One of our portable display designers will reach out to you to give you a quote for design services. Of course, if you need support, feel free to call us anytime and one of our customer representatives will process your order.

Do you offer graphic templates for our portable exhibits?

Most of our portable trade show displays will have templates available on the product page under the tab “Graphic Templates & Downloads.” Please keep in mind that our custom portable booths might not have the templates available directly on the website, but a template will be provided to you once your portable display design is finalized.

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